I realized recently that it had been a while since the hubby and I had ventured outside for some weekend activities. All the craziness that errands and home projects can create had hindered us from getting out for a little powwow with mother nature. Since it was so beautiful outside yesterday, and since the brutal summer

Last Thursday I got the chance to enjoy a beautiful yoga practice amongst the beauty of hundreds of pieces of artwork at the Orlando Museum of Art. That’s right yogis, OMA, in partnership with College Park Yoga, has opened up their gorgeous museum space for us to practice in. This new event will take place once a

If you’re in to juicing, then you’ve probably heard the name Joe Cross. Many people I know (including myself) actually started juicing after they saw Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, his documentary which chronicles his journey on a 60 day juice fast. His results are amazing and the information shared enlightening. Earlier this week, I

I love to juice. I started several years ago after seeing Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. While I knew I already ate fairly healthy, I realized there was more I could do to provide my body nutrients it might not be getting enough of. I still remember after I first started juicing the boost of energy