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Winter Park’s Cafe 118 is Raw…literally

By in Cuisine on March 28, 2011

We dined at Winter Park’s Cafe 118 a couple of weeks ago and I can still taste the sweet sweet chocolate hazelnut tart.

This is an absolutely unique dining experience. Everything served at Cafe 118 degree is raw and vegan. No meat, no dairy, no stove. However, if I took you there for lunch or dinner one day and didn’t mention this to you, you may not even notice. Their menu items are rich and satisfying from hummus to lasagna. Menu items that would normally require cream-based ingredients are filled with nuts. There are flavors of every type. We enjoyed taco salad, hummus and crispy vegetable Summer rolls.

While raw food dining is rich in nutrients, do not be fooled, these nut-based dishes are rich and calorie-loaded. People wonder how people can feel full without meat and dairy, you’ll find the answer to this question at Cafe 118.

Entrees range from $13 to $18, but remember you are paying for quality. Cafe 118 uses locally sourced products which means they are fresher and they support the local economy. It is certainly money well spent.

This is an absolute must try. So we want to know if you’ve tried it, if you’re going to try it and what your thoughts are on this unique concept. Tell us in the comments!


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5 thoughts on “Winter Park’s Cafe 118 is Raw…literally

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    This was one of the best dining experiences I’ve had this year! I split the Italian dish and the pad thai with someone. Amazing combination of flavors that lead it to tasting traditional. The chile rellenos were inspiring! I had to try make them at home… not quite the same though.

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    Thanks for posting this- it has really changed my opinion of raw food eateries! Previously I had considered the whole raw food trend a something of a gimmick (although admittedly I had done little research into the industry). However, the food in the pictures looks genuinely appetising and I am now keen to experience raw food dining. Although the cafe isn’t the cheapest in the world, the dishes look good value for money and it’s certainly true that we shouldn’t object to paying a little extra if the profits go to support the local economy. I’m also impressed by the variety of food on offer here; it just shows that with a degree of creativity, raw and vegan cuisine can be just as appealing as conventional fare. I’ve had a look into the health benefits of eating a raw food diet and it seems that this may be the route to take to maximise the nutritional benefits of our meals. This looks like a great innovative cafe so thanks for recommending it!

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      Hi Ian! We are glad to hear that you enjoyed our review. Even if you’re not a vegan or a raw foodist, it’s an amazing culinary experience and it has great health benefits. If you get a chance to try the cafe, be sure to come back and let us know how you like it!

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    Thanks Laura- I’ll make sure I do!

  4. 5

    Yeah I definitely could tell from here. Oh man I just can't wait to have a taste from that delectably sinful chocolate cake! Yum! It would definitely fill my vegan senses!

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