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Winter Park Welcomes the Shipyard Emporium

By in Bars and Coffeehouses, Cuisine on February 7, 2011

Please note: This restaurant is now closed 

Last week Facebook was buzzing with news of the Shipyard Emporium’s Grand Opening in Winter Park. It seems that the entire town knew about it as there was no parking for miles and the beer line reached theme park proportions. Despite the fact that we never made it through the beer lines, we had a great time! Studio 222 Photography brought their Party Booth and everyone was having a blast.

We would never bring you a review without the full story, though. This week we made a trip out to the Shipyard Emporium with the ladies of Galtime and the results were blog-worthy. We enjoyed Shipyard Import, Blueberry Beer and a few other beers in between. The tzatziki appetizer was delicious and the tapas plates had an amazing variety. We were thrilled to find that the Shipyard Emporium is supporting local business by carrying The Bees Knees Sweet Treats cupcakes.

The venue is new and wildly popular and the service was still great! We have a strong feeling that the Shipyard Emporium is going to shine.

Check out our photos and then head over to Winter Park. We know you want to!

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