Vespr – East Orlando’s Craft Coffee

By in Bars and Coffeehouses on August 5, 2013

Craft coffee, you read right. While my husband pride’s himself on his beer snobbery, my vices lay mostly with that which is caffeinated. Coffee and chocolate. While Vespr focuses on the coffee, I did spy some fair trade chocolates for sale. I saved that vice for my next Vespr indulgence.

Vespr has a great space located opposite the main Waterford Lakes shopping center. It’s the perfect blend of inviting and modern with it’s clean lines and huge, dark wood tables. The staff is super knowledgeable on their menu offering which range from your traditional latte (almond milk, in my case) to the elegantly displayed maple mint tea I had. Every last drop of both my latte and my tea were delicious. I may even be guilty of sticking my finger in the organic maple syrup to get the very last drop of that too.

Vespr is the perfect place to sit and get some work done. The atmosphere is totally zen and there’s plenty of space for everyone and plenty of sweet treats served with your perfect beverage! Assuming that your perfect beverage is more on the natural side. While Vespr’s drinks are packing a flavorful punch, you won’t find skinny vanilla syrup or the wide range of sugary additives that you are used to at other coffee shops. I’m a big fan of this set up. Let’s face it, we could all stand to enjoy a real cup of joe.

Have I convinced you yet? Craft coffee is the new craft beer! Fewer calories and with great ambiance to browse the internet or change the scenery when you have to get some work done. Just go. Seriously.

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    A great cup of coffee makes a delicious way to start the day or give yourself a bit of a pick-me-up in the middle of the afternoon. ZbokFirst

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