Tokyo: Sushi and Hibachi in Southeast Orlando

By in Cuisine on October 18, 2011

Going out to eat is always a process with us. There’s a lot of research involved to find something new and exciting. Sometimes we forget to look at what’s in our own front yard! Tokyo Steakhouse and Sushi Bar (located at 6481 S Chickasaw Trl) is just down the street from us and it’s our go-to spot on those nights when being in the kitchen is out of the question.

This bright space (lots of windows and light wood) is nothing over the top when it comes to decor on the walls, but the plates and food presentation is lovely. Sushi platters are piled high with colorful rolls. In addition to their sushi, they also have hibachi tables. Being a vegetarian, I can’t comment on the fishy kind of sushi, but I do know that they prepare everything fresh when you order it. The veggies are always fresh too! They have lots of vegetarian-friendly foods (love the spring rolls!) and a plethora of different sauces to accompany them.

The last time we visited, we just went for sushi, but we’ve had hibachi before and it’s just as much (if not more) of an artistic affair as it is at any of the larger hibachi chains. Their chefs are lots of fun, the portions are huge, the food is delicious and the infamous white sauce just keeps coming.

The service has always been awesome. They are prompt, helpful and always ask for id when you order from their impressive selection of sake and beer. (hehe!)

Sometimes you just have to look around your own neighborhood to find some great locally owned and operated eats. We love having such a fabulous sushi place right down the street.

What’s your go-to neighborhood restaurant?

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    The thing I'm liking most here is the bright ambiance of the place. You can't really enjoy a good meal as much in a dreary environment, not can you?

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