The Salt Room: Central Florida’s Most Unique Spa

By in Health and Beauty on October 3, 2011

You might use salt to improve the taste of your food, but did you know you may also be able to use it to improve your health? I recently visited the one and only salt therapy center in Central Florida, aptly named The Salt Room, and learned how something as basic as a little salt can potentially help individuals improve symptoms brought on from allergies, asthma and a slew of other respiratory and skin conditions.

Fortunately, I don’t have any respiratory issues other than the usual sinus congestion and scratchy throat that seasonal allergies can sometimes bring on. I visited The Salt Room out of curiosity. I’d seen a news report on the therapy center awhile back and The Salt Room recently won Best New Therapy in Orlando Weekly’s 2011 Best of Orlando Poll; it seemed the center warranted a visit.

While The Salt Room focuses on salt therapy for adults and children, they also provide other services such as acupuncture, massages, skin care, and they even have a few weekly yoga classes. When I visited the center a few weeks ago, I started off my visit with their Monday morning flow class.

The class was held in the center’s yoga room, which is a small salt room that holds about 3-4 people and has a very intimate feel. The lights were lowered while we practiced and candles were lit in the corners for a warm glow. The salt on all of the walls created a kind of beachy feel, which I liked. A single 1hr yoga session costs $15 and all sessions include 15 minutes of salt therapy, which actually occurs during class.

After my yoga class, I also went in for a full 45 minute salt therapy session in the center’s relaxation room (a single session is $45). The entire room, including the ceiling and floors, are covered in natural rock salt. The center uses halogenerators to crush pharmaceutical grade salt into small particles, which it releases into the room where it’s inhaled. While in the room customers can take a nap, read a book/magazine or just relax and listen to the background music. The time goes surprisingly fast and you’re done before you know it!

So how were the results? Well for me I could definitely tell that my sinuses felt more open and clear, but since I don’t have any major congestion issues I can’t speak to anything more. There are however a ton of great testimonial videos and written statements on how The Salt Room has helped others on their website.

If you’re someone with severe allergies or have upper respiratory and skin conditions, The Salt Room may be something you want to consider checking out. For individuals that are just curious like me, I still recommend a visit but since each single session costs $45.  The yoga class, which includes 15 minutes of salt therapy, is an awesome way to samples these unique salt services.

Happy Breathing!

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    Wow! This is the first time I have heard about this salt room which is the most unique spa of Central Florida and it seems to me very much attractive and interesting as well. So definitely need to try it once a time and then will understand the effectiveness of it. Thanks mate for sharing this unique spa center.

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