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The Greek Corner: Orlando’s Piece of Greece

By in Cuisine on May 6, 2011

Tzatziki is an absolutely delicious Greek yogurt sauce, that until several months ago, I’d never even heard of! I know, I know, this travesty is gasp worthy! I can’t believe what I have been missing out on! However, once I tried it I knew I would forever be a fan. That’s why when we recently stopped by The Greek Corner, I was excited to actually have some authentic Greek cuisine along with a big scoop of my new best friend, Tzatziki!

When you first walk up to The Greek Corner, you immediately see an awesome outside seating area that, while we were there, was filled with patrons. The space has twinkling lights, fans, and tons of umbrellas set up. During a lazy afternoon you could totally hang out and relax with a few drinks.

The inside of the restaurant is a tiny simple space, but they utilize the area well. There are a handful of tables set up but there is still enough space so patrons don’t feel cramped. They have a comfortable atmosphere that’s created with a few painted murals on white walls and a faux brick facade displayed throughout, to help tie together that relaxed old world feel. The final touches are blue lights in the corners of the restaurant that shine over the space to create that fresh Mediterranean blue hue. It’s definitely quaint and seems to work well for them. Laura, who has actually been to Greece, commented that it did remind her of the restaurants she had been to while on her trips.

For our meals I ordered the Gyro, Laura the Vegetarian Souvlaki, and my hubby the Chicken Souvlaki. We were all thrilled with our choices. My pita was stuffed full of meats, the seasoned beef and lamb that came in my Gyro was extremely flavorful, and of course drenched with tzatziki sauce. Yum! We also ordered the pita bread and tzatziki appetizer and let me tell you that fresh garlicky cucumber dip was even better than the first time I had tried it! For those of you who might want to try something other than sandwiches, they also have salads, pastas, and a variety of different meat and fish dinners. Prices range from around $9 for sandwiches up to $19 for some entrees.

If you’ve been looking for a new place to expand your food horizons or are just in the mood to have a good meal that is sure to leave you stuffed and happy, head over to The Greek Corner, Orlando’s little piece of Greece!

Do you have a favorite Greek restaurant in town? Let us know! We love to try new places!

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    I love The Greek Corner. Yum! If you haven’t been yet, trust this review; it’s delicious!

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