The Fifth: 5 Reasons we Love the Fifth

By in Cuisine on August 15, 2012

We had our first experience at The Fifth in Downtown Orlando last week. We could tell from the website that this space had a lounge-like vibe. There was enough on the menu to intrigue us to try. Clearly we didn’t study the website closely enough, because our first attempt to visit the Fifth was on a Sunday night (note that they are closed on Sundays) and we ended up walking into their retail space where they sell their beer, liquor and wine. With as much as we wanted to indulge in an adult beverage, we needed to fill our bellies with something more substantial. We made note of their operating hours and revisited for dinner.

Here is what we loved:

1) Sweet decor, namely damask ceilings combined with clean lines. Black, white and a splash of color tastefully added with the lighting.

2) All the ambiance of a classy night club with none of the debauchery.

3) Vegetarian-friendly menu, including a homemade veggie burger, grilled avocado, hummus and Mediterranean flat bread.

4) People watching: We dined on a Saturday night and there was a private black and white party going on. The ladies were dressed to the nines and men were on their most-suave behavior.

5) The service was attentive, friendly, prompt and patient. (It’s never easy to dine with or wait on a blogger.)

Are you intrigued yet? No need to wonder, it’s right in your own backyard. Put on your stilettos and head over to the Fifth.

Taste of the Nation Giveaway Winner

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