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The Drunken Monkey: Coffee for all types

By in Bars and Coffeehouses, Cuisine on March 17, 2011

The Drunken Monkey, located just a minute away from The Milk District restaurants that we love so dearly, is a coffeehouse with a versatile atmosphere. I spent a Sunday afternoon doing homework and enjoying their vegan soup of the day and almond milk latte. The Drunken Monkey has a great atmosphere during the day for getting some work done. Whether you’re an artist or just a graduate student, you’ll be inspired by the warm feel and eclectic artwork.

My favorite Drunken Monkey perk is that they have so many different types of “milk” (rice, almond, hemp, soy) and there is no extra charge for having your drink prepared with these dairy alternatives.

I’m always looking for a place to get some work done without the distractions of being at home (with the dirty dishes and the dog) and it’s amazing to be able to support a local business with plenty of food options and so many alternative milk options. (Seriously, I’m a huge fan!)

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Are you a patron of the Drunken Monkey? What’s your favorite thing about this gem of a coffeehouse? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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