Find Relaxed Elegance at Orchid Thai Cuisine

By in Cuisine on May 27, 2011

A few weeks back my husband and I ended up in front of Orchid Thai Cuisine in Winter Park. It was our anniversary and we had headed over to a favorite Winter Park restaurant of ours, only to find that their whole block was having unexpected electrical issues! Rather than waiting around, uncertain if the power would come back on, we decided to deviate from our plans and try something new.

When we walked past Orchid and smelled the delicious aroma of Thai Cuisine, I knew we’d found our place. I’d actually had them on my list of places to try for a while. Every time I’d walk by the little Winter Park restaurant, the atmosphere always seemed to emanate a relaxed elegance that I wanted to sample first-hand.

It was an absolutely gorgeous night during our visit, so we opted to dine in their small outside eating area on Park Ave. With the soft lights, breezy weather, and beautiful touches of orchids all around, the setting was perfect. It was romantic, yet relaxed at the same time, and it was exactly what I wanted for our anniversary outing.

Our server was friendly and knowledgeable and the rest of the staff was also very attentive. When we first arrived and checked in to be seated outside there weren’t any available tables. That didn’t slow our host down! Rather than leaving us to wait for an opening, he went inside and brought out a table to seat us immediately. They were also extremely considerate. When I went inside after our meal to take a few photos for this post, a man (who may have been the owner), offered to take a few photos of us so we could remember our evening. The friendly staff made the experience even more memorable.

The food was also excellent! The dishes were fresh and beautifully prepared, and a delicate yet bold fuchsia orchid was displayed as a finishing touch on each plate. We started our meal with mouth watering dumplings and a side salad with cashews, cucumbers and peanut dressing.

For our entrees, my husband ordered a grilled salmon dish topped with veggies and a delicious lemon sauce.  How do I know it was delicious? After he was too full to eat any more, I helped myself to the remainder of his onions, carrots, baby corn, and red peppers! For my meal I ordered the Pad Thai, and because I was feeling a little adventurous I added on fried duck. The portions were very large—it seemed a whole duck was piled high atop my plate! The dish was definitely well prepared and flavorful. However, after trying the fried duck, I do think I would have preferred it pan seared, which was an option they offered but I didn’t choose.

So if you love Thai food and you’re looking for a deliciously peaceful dining experience, remember to add Winter Park’s Orchid to your list!

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