Tahini Mediterranean Grill: A Friendly Neighborhood Cafe

By in Cuisine on November 14, 2011

Over the past few months I’ve been seeing ads for a cafe in Oviedo called Tahini Mediterranean Grill Cafe. As an individual who is constantly going out to eat, I always try to keep my eye out in the local coupon mags for any discounts and this cafe just kept popping up. Since I love me some gyros, a few Sundays ago I finally stopped in for lunch and had a truly great experience.

The staff at the cafe is super friendly. The owner is the sweetest man and you can just tell he absolutely loves what he is doing. He really made an impression on me. As soon as you walk up to order he has a huge smile on his face (maybe that’s why he says to call him smiley) and wants to chat with you. If he finds out you haven’t been to his cafe before he’ll tell you all about his menu; many of the items are home-made.

I had the chance to try the hummus pita which has homemade hummus and for dessert the homemade chocolate chip banana bread. The pita was tasty and the banana bread was fresh and soft and definitely worth the try, just as the owner had promised. I also took a bite of my father’s gyro and I found the meats to be extremely flavorful.

The cafe is a casual place, and is actually larger then it appears from the outside. It has a warehouse vibe, with concrete floors, high ceilings and the cafe has a ton of great light shining in from the tall front windows. The space offers a handful of tables for seating and they even have a little lounge area with a couch and a few other comfy chairs.The space is definitely set up for everyone; you can grab a quick bite here or hang out and relax, study, read etc. They even serve a small selection of coffees and teas that you can enjoy while you take a load off.

Tahini Mediterranean Grill Cafe is a place I’ll definitely visit again. The staff friendly, the food is good and another plus I almost forgot to mention, the menu items are very inexpensive. I hope you too will stop in to support this great little business and when you do, don’t forget to say hi to Smiley!


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