Shine Neighborhood Kitchen: Intimate and Gourmet

By in Cuisine on January 25, 2011

Please note: This restaurant is now closed 

Erica and I had an unintended romantic date this week when we decided to try Shine Neighborhood Kitchen. We learned an important lesson that night…the GPS is not always right. So if you decided to visit Shine, please note that it’s located on North Shine Avenue, North of Livingston on the East side of the road. If you get lost, just tweet us and we’ll walk you through it. Now…onto the restaurant.

Shine has it all. They have ambiance…oh do they ever have ambiance. It’s romantically lit with lots of dark wood. It’s just a pleasure to sit in this Thornton Park restaurant.

The food was amazing. At about $13 an entree, you won’t be disappointed. The portions are not large, but they are exactly what one person should eat. (It was nice to get to eat everything on my plate and not feel guilty about it!) The hummus appetizer we ordered was heavenly. I know that sounds a bit exaggerated, but we did not leave a single crumb of that appetizer on the plate.

With that said, check out our photos and whether you’re looking for some romance with your significant other or just a relaxing night with a close friend, check out Shine Neighborhood Kitchen.

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