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Gino’s Italian Restaurant: Oviedo Italian Done Right

By in Cuisine on November 20, 2010

As a life long resident of Central Florida I have been going to Gino’s Italian Restaurant since I was a little girl. The restaurant is one of the few that has actually been open for over two decades and has become a local staple in the Oviedo community. It is the kind of place where the owners know their regulars by name and they never hesitate to come out from the kitchen to say hello. I loved the place so much that after years of being a patron I decided to become a server while I was going to college.

The restaurant provides a relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and since the owners actually originated from Italy GREAT FOOD!! Its not unusual to see every table full on a Friday night and people waiting in lines to pick up their take-out. Some of my favorite dishes are the strombolis, calzones, the Gino’s Special (pizza with everything on it),  chicken parm sub, pasta salad and for dessert the pizzelles with powdered sugar and cinnamon. If you want to see Italian done right you definitely have to try Gino’s.

Edited 3/13: Over the past month or so Gino’s has been sprucing up their restaurant so we wanted to bring you a quick update on the changes: They recently added a large mural to all the walls in the restaurant which definitely adds a little something extra to the ambiance. They have also added some outside seating and they have updated their menus with a few new items. We think the changes are great and show that even though Gino’s has been around for over 20 years they haven’t forgotten about the importance of keeping things fresh!

Check out the end of the photo gallery for a few new photos of the updates and let us know your thoughts!


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