Orlando’s Redlight Redlight Rated One of the Best in America

By in Bars and Coffeehouses on January 20, 2011

OVERWHELMING is the word that comes to mind when I think back on our recent visit to Redlight Redlight, a small but hugely popular local craft beer bar located just off of East Colonial on Bennett Road. Although some might say the place is a dive (I like to say it has character), the patrons who pack the place on a weekly basis could not care less. These true beer lovers are there for the product and the surroundings in which they find it are inconsequential. The bar boasts 24 taps, 2 beer engines and 130 bottles and without question is the place to go in Orlando if you are into trying out micro brews. Thats right folks no serving of Budlight or Coors here. And although that might require someone to step out of their comfort zone. . .I stood at the bar for 20 minutes trying to decide whether to try a lager, a pale ale or something in between (there is something in between right?), it definitely makes for an interesting experience.

Now I understand if my previous statements have now made you question whether I have the knowledge to tell you what is and isn’t a great craft beer bar, I mean I am no beer connoisseur. So if you can’t trust me, how about Draft Magazine who just named Redlight Redlight one of Americas 100 best beer bars for 2011. Seems pretty impressive in my book. So if you’re really into beer or just someone who enjoys the adventure of trying something new you should definitely check out Redlight Redlight and expand your cultural beer horizons.

A few caveats before you go: This establishment does not accept credit cards so be sure to grab some cash before you arrive and parking is very limited so expect to have to park on a side street and walk a block or two.


For those of you who are somewhat unfamiliar with the intricacies of beer like me. . . yes I must admit that after my experience at Redlight Redlight I ran home and looked up the difference between an ale and a lager (don’t judge!), check out this insightful writeup on beer styles.

Edit: We were just informed by one of our awesome readers that as of the beginning of this year Redlight Redlight is now accepting credit cards. Cheers! Let the beer tasting continue!

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3 thoughts on “Orlando’s Redlight Redlight Rated One of the Best in America

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    Redlight just updated a lot the start of this year. They now take credit cards!!!!

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    With the development of specialty brew in America supporters are searching for spots to purchase and beverage these stunning mixes outside of their own homes. This is the renaissance of brew and numerous foundations are getting on the buzz and opening as lager bars. This article will demonstrate to you what to search for in an extraordinary brew bar.

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    I would like to visit it as i have studied the whole article i am went into the valley of imaginations that how everything will be which are mentioned in the article during the study of this article i got bored because i have interest but haven't seen the proper images and videos or live that placee.I am planning soon to be in US then ii would definetely visit redlights. :)

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