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Orlando’s NV Lounge: An Intimate Downtown Space

By in Bars and Coffeehouses on July 8, 2011

NV Lounge in downtown Orlando could easily be considered the odd man out when compared to the other clubs and bars that line the streets of Orange Ave and Church Street, but that’s why we love it. This small and narrow little lounge, located on Pine Street, provides a perfectly intimate setting to enjoy a relaxed evening with a few friends or that special someone.

Laura and I recently stopped by with the boys after a delicious dinner across the street at Pine Twenty 2 and spent several hours sipping on sparkling wine (beer for the boys), while we chatted it up. Although it may not sound that exciting, it’s something we rarely get to do since we are always on the go, and it was fabulous!

The space NV Lounge has created is overflowing with character. It’s got that edgy artsy vibe that just pulls you in. It’s not really surprising though, seeing that the establishment originally began as a photography studio! Art lines the walls when you first walk in and is also showcased in other areas of the lounge. They’ve got beautiful brick walls and old exposed wood lath throughout the entire space, awesome velvet horseshoe shaped couches (yes that’s right folks. . . I did say velvet),  and the entire space just has a beautiful glow that I totally loved. For those of you who  like a little live entertainment, NV also has live music and DJ’s on occasion.

While we were there we took our drinks and went upstairs to one of the fabulous above mentioned velvet couches, and we were placed into our own little world. This is one of the reasons why I loved NV so much. They utilize their small narrow space perfectly and have created these great little areas for lounging. They have a small bar, as well as several other seating options downstairs. If you want to hang out with the crowd then downstairs is your place. For a more intimate setting, the space upstairs has two areas where you can just hang out with a few friends and not be bothered, which is what we did.

Note: The lounge only serves beer and wine, but they do have a good selection.

If you’re in the mood to hang out downtown in style, but don’t want to deal with all the crowds, NV Lounge is the perfect place to try.

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2 thoughts on “Orlando’s NV Lounge: An Intimate Downtown Space

  1. Lisa Wilson

    Hey Erica, you are right about NV! They also have liquor now =))

    Lisa – WP

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