Orlando Brunch: White Wolf Cafe

By in Cuisine on October 23, 2010

We were thrilled to find the White Wolf Cafe filled to capacity a few Sundays ago. We figured that if people were willing to wait 30 minutes (or more!) to have brunch, it must be good. The cafe is located on North Orange Avenue in what’s known as Orlando’s Bohemian District. We are all about supporting local business and the White Wolf Cafe has been serving Central Florida brunch (and all of the other less important meals) for over 18 years.

The antique decor goes right along with their location in Orlando Bohemian district. You definitely will have lots of interesting knick knacks to study while waiting to be seated. While you may want to write home about the ambiance (150 people chatting wildly and tables so close together that you can’t help but make friends with the people sitting next to you), the service that the restaurants about page brags about was definitely lacking during our visit. If you check in using Four Square, White Wolf Cafe advertises one free wine. When we asked if our Mimosas qualified as wine our server told us they did, but that we didn’t want to use the free wine coupon, because the mimosas were already only $3.  Seriously? You’re telling me that I don’t want to use my coupon? In the future, please let me make my own decisions. Thank you!

The food was mediocre. We debated for quite some time for the perfect comparison and we concluded that we could get equal food quality and better service at Perkins. But we don’t want to go to Perkins because we support local business!

Despite our less than satisfactory experience, we are willing to give the White Wolf Cafe another try, whether it be for brunch (or a less important meal!). Maybe it was a glitch in the matrix! After all, we can’t imagine that SO many people have been frequenting this restaurant for so many years if it really is just mediocre. Stay tuned for our second visit (in the distant future), but in the meantime, enjoy our photo documentary of our brunch date at the White Wolf Cafe.

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