Old Italian Charm at Winter Park’s Pannullo’s

By in Cuisine on November 4, 2011

With race season in full swing, we’re always looking for a new place to carb-load the night before the race. When we ran the U Can Finish Race at the end of last month, we were in pasta heaven at Pannullo’s Italian Restaurant.

This charming restaurant has a prime spot right on Park Avenue. The space is warm and inviting with an old Italian style. It’s perfect for a romantic evening out (regardless of whether or not you’re racing the next day). They have indoor and outdoor seating and they make the most of their space. Even on a busy Saturday night, we only waited about 10 minutes for a table.

The food was just perfect. The pasta was al dente and the veggies were super fresh. I had the pasta primavera. It was piled high with tons of veggies on top of angel hair, tossed in a delicious garlic and olive oil sauce. Eric had the chicken florentine and there was not a drop of sauce left. Dessert clearly speaks for itself (check out the chocolate cake in the photo gallery).

The service was wonderful. Our server was funny, friendly, very attentive and helpful. I managed to lose my lens cap in one of the menus and she promptly retrieved it and returned it to us.

Pannullo’s gets 5 stars in our book. The food, the ambiance and the service were great and it made for a wonderful date night with the added bonus of carb loading.

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8 thoughts on “Old Italian Charm at Winter Park’s Pannullo’s

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    I love Pannullo’s! Kinda always forget they’re on Park Avenue, which is sad. I’ll have to pay a visit there sometime soon!

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