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NaraDeva Thai Restaurant: an authentic experience

By in Cuisine on November 22, 2011

I’ve never been to Thailand, so I may be stretching it by calling NaraDeva Thai Restaurant authentic, but the decor was so beautiful I felt like I had been transported to somewhere exotic as soon as I stepped through the doors. Located across the street from the Millenia mall, this restaurant makes for an indulgent lunch that you won’t regret.

NaraDeva is an absolutely beautiful restaurant. A lot of thought went into putting it together and it’s time that the secret got out about this gem. The food was delicious! Piping hot and as beautifully presented as noodles can be. Almost all of their menu items can be turned into vegetarian options. (Remove meat; add tofu!) Our meals were full of flavor, though my spicy Thai Basil wasn’t quite as spicy as I had anticipated (some would see that as a relief). I am definitely no connoisseur of Thai food and I have suffered from an aversion to other Asian cuisine in the past. I’ve found it to be too greasy. That was definitely not the case here! There was a perfect balance of oils and spices, definitely a great beginning Thai meal! It only sweetens the deal that the plates are super reasonably priced and they have exotic desserts!

The service as NaraDeva Thai Restaurant was attentive and very quick! Being that I’ve only had Thai food a handful of times, they were well-equipped to answer my questions. Rarely do I get the opportunity to try a locally owned, exotic restaurant (and beautifully decorated!) at lunch time. It was quite the treat.

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