Lake Nona’s 407 Cafe: Crepes, Gelato & More

By in Cuisine on January 16, 2012

There aren’t very many choices when it comes to dining in my neck of the woods, but if I head a few minutes south a world of possibilities begins to present itself. Heading south is exactly how we stumbled upon 407 Cafe. It’s relatively new and it’s a hidden gem of sorts.

The cafe’s sign boasts gelato, cafe and paninis. It has the feel of a frozen yogurt shop with playful black and white flowers on the wall and plastic chairs and tables. So we originally stopped in for gelato. They have a nice variety of flavors ranging from traditional to some more exciting flavors. They also have some incredibly flavorful sorbet. We had passion fruit and while it didn’t quite go with the coconut and espresso gelato, we enjoyed every last bite.

We’ve actually made three trips out to 407 Cafe thus far and the last time we went to eat. Initially I got the impression that it was more of an ice cream shop than a restaurant, but I was pleasantly surprised. My vegetarian crepe was not only super fresh (no frozen veggies here!), but it was beautifully presented. Both the vegetarian crepe and the chicken marsala panini that Eric ordered had golden raisins added. The sweet and savory combination was perfect.

It was an awesome surprise to find that what we once thought was just a great place for gelato, is also the perfect spot for a Sunday brunch. While Lake Nona is off the beaten path for most people, it’s close to the Orlando International airport and a nice alternative to the chain restaurants in the area. So next time you have a friend flying in for business or for pleasure, don’t forget to make a pit stop for some crepes and gelato.

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6 thoughts on “Lake Nona’s 407 Cafe: Crepes, Gelato & More

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