Island Pasta Company— Downtown Melbourne

By in Cuisine on September 3, 2013

We spent Labor Day weekend in Melbourne. Erica and the Mr. came and we did a little exploring and a lot of relaxing. Saturday night found us at the Island Pasta Company in Historic Downtown Melbourne. The lively little space was buzzing for 8:45 on a Saturday night. (Melbourne is not Orlando, friends.) While the hostess stand is awkwardly close to the front door, the rest of the space is set up really nicely. We were rather ravenous so excuse the lack of photos of the space.  They have indoor and outdoor seating, but puppy lovers beware, no dogs are allowed on their patio by city ordinance.

Onto cuisine. Let’s start with libations, since that is what we started with. Island Pasta Company is known for their cucumber basil and mango mango martinis. Erica and I did not know that when I ordered a cucumber basil and she ordered a mango. We clearly just have excellent taste in cocktails. The cocktail menu is as creative as the pasta dishes with habanera lime margaritas and jasmine mint lemontinis. The beer menu is not nearly as inspiring, but who needs beer when you can have a lemon basil mojito with your drunken shrimp?

The food definitely lives up to Island Pasta’s slogan, “creative casual cuisine.”  I was aching to try the jalapeño ravioli appetizer, but my friends can’t handle the heat and I needed the full experience, not just an appetizer. (I told you, we were ravenous, right?) They were super accommodating in making my pasta dish veggie friendly. The Thai style was supposed to include grilled chicken with the fresh cilantro, spicy Thai peanut sauce, over spaghetti. I may be a bit bias, but it was just as rich and delicious without it. Erica and the Mr. had the Mediterranean, garlic, basil, scallions, roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, tossed with tri-color rotini, topped with feta cheese. The combination of ingredients was perfect, but the sauce fell short. A dish that boasts such a veggielicious list of ingredients should have a sauce to match. (Is anyone listening over there at Island Pasta? You’ve almost got this one right!). But don’t think the sauce deterred us from eating ever last pepper and sun dried tomato. I may or may not have helped with that.  My omnivorous husband ordered the Brazilian empanadas to start and  the natty dreads (spaghetti, garlic, basil, green onion, and spicy sausage in tomato sauce) — his eyes were bigger than his belly, as he likes to say.

It was our first downtown dinner since we moved to Melbourne and we give it a thumbs up. Stay tuned for more adventures on the Florida Space Coast.

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