Circosta's Italian Ristorante

Fabulous Italian Cuisine at Circosta’s Ristorante

By in Cuisine on July 19, 2011

I love Italian food! Sit me down with a plate full of pasta, and I’m a happy girl! That’s why I love Circosta’s Italian Ristorante located in Oviedo. Family owned and operated, this adorable little Italian restaurant consistently offers great service and fabulous food.

When you walk into Circosta’s you are always greeted by a friendly face and a warm welcome. The family that runs the place is there day in and day out, and they make sure to get to know their customers. It’s not uncommon to see the staff chatting about life with regulars and newcomers alike. Their service is great and very memorable. One thing I’ve always noticed is that the staff remembers those special little requests I have, without me having to ask! I can’t count the number of times I’ve forgotten to ask for extra ranch on my salad, only to find that my server brought it out anyway because they know that’s how I like it. They definitely rock when it comes to service.

The restaurant space provides a fun and relaxed atmosphere to dine in. The walls of the restaurant are painted with a faux finish type treatment to resemble old Italian stucco walls, and murals are displayed throughout the space to provide patrons a little taste of Italy. The dining area is small, fitting only about 10-12 tables, but it works for the cozy space. Even with patrons continually coming and going, we rarely ever have to wait for a table.

The food is absolutely wonderful! Circosta’s is one of the best causal dining restaurants I’ve found for really good Italian cuisine. I’ve been a regular for over three years now and I’ve never had a bad dish. Their serving sizes are huge, and they have a great variety of different dishes to choose from. My favorite items on their menu are the pasta dishes. I absolute love the Penne alla Vodka, Pasta Supreme and Pasta la Bella dishes. All are mixed with delicious ingredients (and a healthy amount of garlic, which I love), and they have amazing marinara and pink sauce. Their cannolis are another must try. . .  if you think you can find any more room in your belly once you’ve finished your meal. The filling is just to die for!

So if you hold Italian cuisine dear to your heart like I do, Circosta’s in Oviedo is definitely a place you need to check out. They’ve got it all with with fabulous service, delicious cuisine and a charming atmosphere. So what are you waiting for? Head over to get your pasta fix today!

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