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Ethos Vegan Kitchen: A photo journalistic review

By in Cuisine on July 28, 2010

I’ve mentioned recently (maybe in this post about Graffiti Junktion) that I’m on a vegan-kick right now. It’s been about 6 months since I stopped eating meat and this if my first completely dairy free week. While Alexa is always up for a culinary adventure, I could not be more proud of the boys for eating and enjoying full meals at Ethos Vegan Kitchen. I could not ask for more adventurous eaters in my life!

I love to talk about the ambiance of restaurants, because that’s half of the appeal. While the ambiance was absolutely lovely, I’m starting this post with the food.

On our Menu at Ethos:

- Black bean burgers (3 to be exact)

- Hippie Wrap

- Brushetta

- Dip Sampler (hummus, tapenade and salsa) served with blue corn chips, bread, carrots and celery

- Sauteed zucchini

- Chips and salsa

- Vegan peanut butter cookie

There was nothing but praise for this meal. The brushetta was to die for, there was nothing left of the tapenade or hummus by the time our entrees were served. The black bean burgers were moist and you could see the beans and the onions in them (none of that mystery vegetable patty thing going on). The mango salsa and the hummus were so fresh. There was no pre-packaged or frozen taste in any of this fine vegan cuisine.

The portions was more than enough. I went a little crazy and cleaned my plate (don’t judge me, there was some sharing of food going on), but the boys were full enough that they didn’t quite finish their burgers. Sandwiches and wraps average about $8, they have more dinner-like entrees like Sheep’s pie and Pecan-crusted Eggplant that average about $12. For exact pricing, check out their menu here.

Ethos Vegan Kitchen was must larger than I expected. It’s a semi self-service restaurant. You order your food at a deli-type counter, you’re given a table number and the food is brought out to you. The staff was friendly and quick. The walls are covered in artwork. Located on North Orange Avenue, this Orlando vegan restaurant is surrounded by chic shoppes and other  independent bars and restaurants.   I would love to make a day trip and take a stroll to discover new restaurants to review. (Hm…maybe I’ll do that next weekend.)

Our Ethos experience was almost completely enjoyable. I have one gripe, but it’s not enough to keep me from recommending this restaurant with confidence. I had the organic Cabernet Sauvignon. I love to buy organic and local. I do it as much as possible! But there is just something about organic wines that makes me sick. This one might just take the cake, though. It tasted like mostly grape juice, it made me fall asleep during the movie and I felt like death in the morning (even though I only had one glass). So go to Ethos Vegan Kitchen, but don’t drink the wine.

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