Bosphorous: Turkish Delight on the [Park] Ave.

By in Cuisine on June 12, 2012

We have now been to Bosphorous a collective four times over the course of the last year and we have failed to bring the story of delicious Lavas bread, fresh humus, babaganoush and stuffed grape leaves to the blog. I’m blaming it on the food-induced bliss that occurred after each Bosphorous meal, because it has been so delicious and the service so fabulous each and every time, that we really have no excuse.

Our most recent visits to Bosphorous have been for tapas and dessert. I am fairly certain that we’ve now tried every vegetarian dish on the appetizer menu. The ingredients are so fresh and every dip is full of flavor. I dream about the creamy babaganoush at least once a week and that Lavas bread is worth every single calorie. It’s the most excitement I’ve ever experienced surrounding bread.

We actually went to Bosphorous again just this passed weekend while my parents were in town. We stopped in just for dessert…dessert martinis, baklava, Turkish tea and Turkish coffee. There was not a single crumb left on any of the plates. Everything was delicious, but the shining star on the dessert menu was something our attentive and enthusiastic server described as a shredded wheat pancake stuffed with the Turkish version of mozzarella. We were skeptical at first, but I’ll try anything once (as long as it’s vegetarian!) and so we did. It was fabulous. I can’t tell you what the name of this to-die-for-not-too-sweet-just-right dessert is or I’d have to kill you. Ok, the truth is, I expected it to find it on the menu online, but it’s not and my Turkish is a little rusty, but I’m sure if you ask for the shredded wheat pancake stuffed with cheese, they’ll know what you’re talking about.

The morals of the story are if you haven’t been to Bosphorous, GO and if you’re a blogger who plans to write about your dessert, jot down the name of said dessert in your phone.


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2 thoughts on “Bosphorous: Turkish Delight on the [Park] Ave.

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    Wow! and then wow again. Authentic Turkish cuisine and that too right in the town. You remind me of a meal I had at one of the restaurants right at the edge of Bosphorous itself. I devoured so much that it was difficult for me to move. This week end I am heading to your Bosphorous for a comparison.

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