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Black Bean Deli Bringing Cuban to Winter Park

By in Cuisine on May 26, 2011

While it may seem like we have an endless supply of wealth with which we galavant around Orlando supporting local businesses, we don’t. With that being said, we made a goal of finding 10 restaurants in Orlando where you can get a meal for under $10 a person. The first stop on our list was Black Bean Deli.

Black Bean Deli in Winter Park was voted best Latin food by the Orlando Sentinel last year and they have been readers’ choice for Cuban food for the last  three years. We are going to have to agree. We cleaned our plates and we can pretty much guarantee that, if you haven’t been there already, you will clean your plate as well! The restaurant is teeny tiny with a counter that runs around most of the restaurant. They definitely make the most of this intimate space. We watched it fill up around lunch time, but they managed to accommodate everyone perfectly. While I’ve never been to Cuba, the minimalistic decor and the chrome counters seem like they would fit right into a scene from Havana.

Black Bean Deli serves traditional Cuban cuisine like Cuban sandwiches, tostones, rice and black beans. Being Cuban (all Cuban!), I’ve been consuming Cuban food since the womb. I must say that I was very impressed with the quality of the ingredients at Black Bean Deli. I love that they season their food with spices rather than just salt (think avocado salad dressing!). I know how much Cubans love beef empanadas and pork sandwiches, so I was very pleased to find they had a few vegetarian options on the menu.

We truly enjoyed our experience at Black Bean Deli and we were so pleased to find out that this adorable little restaurant is expanding into the food truck market and they are looking for community support. Check out their kickstarter page and get involved.

Whether you’re looking for take out (which Black Bean Deli is also known for!) or an intimate lunch setting with fabulous Cuban food for under $10 a person, this is your place. As we continue to search around town for additional restaurants that fit our 10 under $10, we’ll be updating you on our awesome finds in the weeks ahead. Be sure to check back periodically to see which restaurants make the cut. If you have a suggestion of a restaurant that we should add to our 10 under $10 list? Contact us on Facebook and let us know!

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