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Barnie’s Kitchen coming to Winter Park

By in Bars and Coffeehouses on November 2, 2011

If you’ve walked down Park Avenue lately or seen the new Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen ads in some of our local publications, you may have heard that something big is brewing. Barnie’s was founded in 1980 right here in Winter Park so these big changes are particularly exciting! Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen’s goal is to make coffee an experience. For the last 30 years they’ve been bringing the southern U.S. amazing coffee from family farms and premier growers. Now they are bringing coffee roasting in house and that’s not the only thing they are adding. The new Barnie’s will have in-house chefs. We’re loving their new tagline, “treat coffee like a food.”

The Barnie’s on Park Ave is currently going through their remodeling into Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen and we must admit it’s kind of a tease. We can’t wait to see and smell what the new Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen has to offer. Stay tuned for our first sip.

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3 thoughts on “Barnie’s Kitchen coming to Winter Park

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    I am loving to know that Barnie’s Kitchen is coming to launch in my city as they are the best Coffee providers I have seen ever. They are also offering different flavors of coffee with premium quality and I always feel happy to take coffee from this shop.

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