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Axum Coffee: Coffeelanthropy At Its Finest

By in Bars and Coffeehouses on April 29, 2011

Axum Coffee is a bright and casual coffeeshop that offers drinks and desserts, friendly service, and a comfortable space for friends and community to come together. While those traits alone are definitely enough to make an establishment shine, Axum Coffee also has a bigger goal in mind. They want to help others in need, and their story on how they came to be is eye-opening and inspiring.

Several years ago a husband and wife traveled to a city in Ethiopia named Axum. During their visit they saw how the people in this city lacked basic necessities needed to survive; necessities that we all take for granted on a daily basis. They lacked medical supplies, running water, and some could barely feed their families. The husband and wife decided that they weren’t ok with the way these people were living. They realized, that with a generous heart and a lot of coffee, they could make a huge difference in a struggling community that would forever change the lives of the people in it.

From this revelation Axum Coffee was created, and they set forth on a mission to help others in need on both a local and global level. To do this, the shop gives 100% of their profits away and they focus their efforts on raising funds to build a water pipeline to bring fresh water to Axum. The endeavor is, as the owners have coined on their website, “Coffeelanthropy”; a melding of their two passions. We absolutely love this philosophy, and seeing that coffee was discovered in Ethiopia, it only seems fitting that we give back to the country that brought us the wonderful drink we all love so much.

Having lived in Orlando all my life I thought that I knew the city fairly well. However, after a year of truly exploring the “real” Central Florida, I realized that I really didn’t know much about it at all. Until I started going on my AMPlified Culture adventures with Laura, I had honestly never met so many passionate and determined individuals in my life! Individuals who are doing extraordinary things and affecting their community in positive ways. Axum Coffee is just another example of the hard-work and dedication we’ve seen community members engage in and we think it’s absolutely phenominal!

Check the Axum Coffee website for more details on their cause, and the next time you are in Winter Garden stop by the shop to purchase your cup of coffee that will truly help make a difference!

What are your favorite coffee places in town and what makes them special in your eyes? Let us know below!



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