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By in Bars and Coffeehouses, Cuisine on April 22, 2011

Although the shabby retro fence and fading business sign might have you wondering what awaits you when you first walk up to Austin’s Coffee in Winter Park, you need not worry. As soon as you step inside you’ll find a fun artsy space with a laid-back vibe, that will have you helpless to do anything else but relax and sit round all day! I recently stopped by to get a little work done for this lovely blog and as I sat in my movie theater seat (yes they have two theater seats as chairs) with my warm Chai Latte I was totally digging the space I was in!

The coffeehouse’s comfortable atmosphere is created with hip art on the walls (the day I was there the art was hanging by plastic pant hangers . . .love it), a friendly crowd, and several bright funky shaped couches, that based on the man sleeping on one of them in our photo, (see photo gallery) are very comfy. They also have free wifi and are open 24/7. Maybe that’s why no one feels the need to leave.

Not only does Austin’s provide a great space for an afternoon of lounging but they also host open mic nights (comedy, poetry, music), Jazz Jams and other live music! However, we have yet to go to one of these events. The last time we showed up we left because the place was so packed people were standing out the door! Not sure if it is like that all the time but if you decide to go either get there early or be ready for an evening of standing!

As for the drinks, they serve coffee, tea, beer, and wine and they also have a good size menu of salads, sandwiches/wraps and desserts. I also think it is important to mention that Austin’s buys only organic fair-trade coffee beans which means your coffee is not only free of pesticides but that you are supporting a cause that helps limit the exploitation of small coffee farmers. To learn a little more about organic fair-trade coffee take a look at this awesome article!

Checkout the photos from our visit and if Austin’s is one of your fav places let us know what about it you love!

Lastly, the winner of the autographed copy of Brooke Fraser’s new album Flags is Mai Abdalla. Congrats Mai.  Please email us at info(at) for details on how to claim the album.



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    I love Austin’s! Yum! :)

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