American Cuisine at Sanford’s The Original Christo’s

By in Cuisine on October 19, 2011

Little by little Laura and I are exploring the food and fun that downtown historic Sanford has to offer. When I was in Sanford a few weeks ago for a family gathering, I had the chance to check another restaurant off our list, when I stopped by The Original Christo’s.

The restaurant, located on Sanford’s quaint 1st street, offers causal dining and a menu with full of American favorites. . . and then some. Christo’s has pizza, burgers, wings, ribs, Coney Island nachos and hot dogs (they’re topped with chili) and they also offer a few Italian and Greek dishes. What else is there to say but don’t leave home with out your antacid! If you’re looking for a low calorie meal, this definitely isn’t the place to go, but sometimes that’s ok.

For dinner, we ordered a few pizzas to share and I also tried the Waldorf Salad with chicken, raisins, apples, nuts, cheese and egg! The salad was good but the pizza was fabulous! I definitely recommend the Bianca pizza (White). The mozzarella and ricotta cheese with the fresh garlic and tomato was heavenly. I initially only planned on eating one slice since I had my salad, but in the end I lost all self control and had three.

Dessert at Christo’s also looked wonderful. Although I didn’t have a chance to enjoy any due to the pizza coma I was in, the items in their desserts display case up front definitely looked worthy of a try!  Maybe the next time I stop in I’ll sample a slice of chocolate baklava out on their sidewalk dining area . . .my waistline might not thank me, but you only live once, right?


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