903 Mills Market: Great Foodie Find!

By in Cuisine on March 11, 2011

We stopped by 903 Mills Market for a quick dinner recently. We’ve heard rave review about the place and were even more intrigued when we pulled up to the historic building. Check out the history of the building here.

While the inside of the building has a liquor/convenience store vibe, the vast beer selection and the cream-of-the-crop staff transform it into so much more. (Seriously, the ladies of 903 Mills Market even posed for us!) The menu is amazing. Everything I love was on that menu, veggie burgers, hummus,tapenade, falafel, flat breads. It was truly a feast of epic proportions. I enjoyed a mango beer to wash it all down.

The weather was just right to sit and watch the world pass by. It was such a relaxing way to dine! Check out the gallery to get a feel for the atmosphere, but it’s really one of those thing you just have to experience for yourself!

903 Mills Market on Urbanspoon

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