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310 Park South:Delightful Park Avenue Dining

By in Cuisine on January 12, 2011

I have to say that Winter Park’s 310 Park South is a place that never disappoints. Laura and I recently went there for dinner with the boys and as I always find when I go for a visit they provided us with delicious food, a charming and lively atmosphere and great service. I myself have had the pleasure of enjoying the restaurant for almost three years now and I have to admit it will always hold special memories for me. If you’re wondering why the sentimental note, it’s because I had my rehearsal dinner there and every time I go back I remember the big day and . . . well I’m sure you get the idea without me having to go into all the details.

The menu offers up a nice selection of chicken and steak, seafood, pasta and sandwiches. All of the dishes I have tasted to date have been wonderful. If you are tempted to get an appetizer, the crab cakes and flatbreads are a great choices and even their garden salad, with cucumbers, carrots, craisins and goat cheese will get your taste buds excited. As for the restaurant itself, the layout and ambiance are great. You can sit inside in the warm glow of lights for some additional ambiance or in their little outside eating area along Park Ave., which on nice cool days I prefer. Their front sliding windows open up completely to the street and you can sit and sip your water, which includes their signature cucumber slice for a hint of freshness, and just stare at all that is Winter Park. Some nights they even have live music to further spice up the atmosphere. It is definitely a great place to unwind.

So don’t delay. . . head over to 310 and treat yourself to a delightful experience!

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