310 Lakeside: Downtown Dining At Lake Eola

By in Cuisine on October 25, 2011

With the beautiful weather this past weekend I was itching to stay outside as much as possible. My hubby and I had planned on enjoying a Saturday date night. We’d snagged two complimentary tickets to the Orlando Ballet‘s Vampire Ball (courtesy of Yelp’s October Culture Club), so I wanted to find a relaxed and romantic place to go out for dinner too.

The criteria for picking a restaurant on that gorgeous fall evening was simply that it had to have outdoor seating and good food, of course. 310 Lakeside immediately came to mind! With its absolutely fabulous location overlooking Lake Eola and Orlando’s iconic fountain, 310 Lakeside could easily be considered the quintessential place for outdoor dining in Orlando.

The restaurant just like its sister location, 310 Park South, located on Park Avenue in Winter Park, serves a delicious menu of New American cuisine. We started off our dinner with the Zucchini flatbread, which according to our server is one of the newer appetizers on the menu. The dish was perfect for a light start to our meal. Covered in zucchini, goat cheese and balsamic glace (a few of my favorite things), we devoured the flatbread and didn’t have to feel worried about getting full before our entrees arrived. We both ordered the Chicken Penne Pasta for our main dish, which was just as good with a sauce made up of fresh garlic, walnuts, sun dried tomato pesto and more goat cheese (I just can’t get enough . . . I know, it’s a problem)!

The service and atmosphere were also delightful. Our server was attentive and just the perfect amount of friendly. He chatted with us briefly throughout the meal, just enough to create a rapport but not to much to start to annoy. The ambiance creates an immediate sense of relaxation. Located across the street from Lake Eola amoung shady trees and large umbrellas, the restaurant’s patio area exudes a sense of calm that with my crazy schedule, I’m always searching for! The beautiful surroundings even offer a bit of a romance; a few years ago we enjoy a wonderful anniversary dinner at the restaurant.

If you’ve never been to 310 Lakeside, I highly recommend you stop by for a visit. With the gorgeous fall weather the restaurant is easily a place you could sit back and relax at for hours, and when you add in the great cuisine and fabulous service, it really is a no brainer that 310 Lakeside is great!

Check out our photo gallery for a peak at what 310 Lakeside has to offer; we even had a chance to go down by the water and take a few shots of the new and improved Lake Eola fountain!

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3 thoughts on “310 Lakeside: Downtown Dining At Lake Eola

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    Agreed! 310 is delicious. I had ravioli of some kind there, stuffed with heaven I think. So pretty at night, too. Very relaxing.

  2. 2

    What a beautiful view! I might have to make a special Orlando trip to check it out!


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